Create editions of one-of-one NFTs

Enable more fans to collect your work while honoring the original NFT.

Create L2 editions of any Ethereum NFT

Just like prints increase access to traditional art, editions increase access to NFTs. Create editions of any existing Ethereum NFT to distribute the original NFT and its editions independently.

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Reach more collectors

Most creators have more fans than collectors. Enable more fans to engage with you and collect your work by creating editions. Reach them on more affordable L2 blockchains like Optimism, Base, and Zora.

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Refocus on original work

Internet communities run on attention, and there is a pressure to constantly create. Distribute editions to (re)engage your community with fewer, higher quality original works.

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Distribute a new work

Generating interest in a new work is hard. After creating a one-of-one NFT, distribute editions of it first. The increased attention on your work drives value back to the original NFT.

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Create editions of one-of-one NFTs